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Established in 1990 in East China, Ningbo Tianma Kitchenware Co.,Ltd. has quickly grown up to one of the outstanding company that specializes in designing and manufacturing of the high quality kitchen utensils, such as stainless steel sinks, disinfection cabinets, gas stove and other kitchenware.
The company located in Mingzhou industrial zone, Ningbo, China, which is entitled as “Kingdom of kitchen utensils of China”. Tianma covers about 20000 m2 for the production area and a new construction building of 13000m2, with 300 employees including more than 100 specialists. We have passed ISO9002 certification and other authentications by china and foreign.
The extensive distribution network brings us a dramatic increasing in sales turnover both in domestic and oversea market. Tianma shares an established market with more than 200 wholesalers, retailing terminals and OEM clients in China; meanwhile, we have made a great effort to gain access to international markets like Europe, Middle East and America.
In 2005, Tianma invest USD 1.5 million to promote the innovation of the stainless steel sink. We acquire the new technique to manufacture sinks, Which drawing the whole double or three bowls of the sink in one shot. On the contrast, the traditional technique is that drawing the two bowls separately and joint them up to the sink panel by thread Welding before grinding & burnishing the connecting area. The sink made by new technique bears more excellent quality and beautiful appearance than the traditional. It be called the revolutionary progress in this industry and is regarded as the trend of the future.
For ensuring the mass manufacturing and produce quality of sink. We wholly equipped with the most advanced machines. We adopt the AISI & EURO standards stainless Steel sheets & coins specificates compounded more than 8% Ni and 18% Cr. Our customers would be given various selections of the surface treatment of the sink, such as high polishing, brightness, frosting, brushing and electroplate. The sink could be attached environmental protected accessories such as soap dispenser, strainer, basket, grid, colander, chopping board, drain pipe etc.
We are professional OEM/ODM factory. We can produce new products according to the samples or design drawing from our customs. A new sink mould would be development within 45 days. And the products could be shipment within a month for regular orders.
Moreover, the company was famous for its food disinfector and gas stove. Designed European style, the disinfecting machine series break the limitation of generic dish drier and disinfector, streamlined appearance as well as perfect and considerate function devise provide flexible combination and computer controlled system. In 2006, We honored the “Top Ten Brand of Disinfector of China”. We also carry the orders of the OEM/ODM order of disinfection cabinet & gas stove.
Tianma’s business theory is “perfecting ourselves, always pursuing the utmost of custom’s requirements”. We look forward to cooperating and associating with you to be the most competitive and profitable company in your market by cooperating with us.

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